DVD to digital conversion

Quite a few people have asked me how to put their DVD movies onto their ipods or smartphones so I decided to make up this short tutorial.  Note: as technology improves and more people “go digital” I’m sure there will be more, different, and better solutions for this conundrum, but this is a good starting point for now.  Incidentally, I made a very similar tutorial way back in 2006 and the technology and conversion process actually hasn’t changed very much since then.

Necessary Software (for windows users):dvd_decrypter

  • DVD Decrypter – Free
  • Handbrake – Free  Note: Some have had success using just handbrake (no need for DVD decrypter), but I’ve found that some DVDs don’t work very well in Handbrake unless they have been ripped by some other program first.

The Process

  1. Click the above links and download and install the necessary software onto your computer
  2. Insert DVD into computer drive and then open DVD decrypter
  3. Specify the correct destination folder and then check the DVD to Hardrive button (this will rip your dvd and create several VOB files)
  4. Open up handbrake and select “Source–>Open folder.” Then select the folder you just ripped using DVD decrpter
  5. Either select a present from the menu on the right or go with the default and select “Start”

handbrakeThat’s it, you’re done.  Many people think that the conversion process is difficult, expensive, or time consuming.  It’s not… you should be able to complete steps 1-5 in under a half hour and have a digital version of your movie.  Cheers.

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