I don’t currently have a whole heep of actual resources, but I’m working on this. If you have any ideas for anything I might include in this section please feel free to email me.

Book Reviews. I read about one personal finance book each month. Actually, I usually listen to them on tape (mp3) as I jog and take the bus each morning, but I still get through about one a month. In this section I give you my perspecitve (as a long time college student) as to the usefulness of each book or tape.

Links. I hope this website is a good starting point in improving your financial literacy. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to adequately cover any of the topics addressed here. For this reason I have linked to many many other sites that do a good job of covering what I can’t.

Online Calculators. Save time in making the necessary calculations for compound interest, buying a home, finding return on investment capital, etc. by using some of these calulators.

FAQS. I have not been asked many questions yet about this site but expect this portion to grow as traffic picks up.