Rich on any Income (ROAI) is a website that was designed to share ideas with how to better make money, save money, and invest money regardless of your current income.  It is especially geared to students and others in their 20s and 30s because the younger crowd is in a better position to take advantage of long-term compound interest.  Many young people rationalize not saving money because they are making little or no money during their time as students or early in their careers.  I know it can be done as I invested consistently throughout my 13 years as a college student making less than $15k/year.  Now that I have my dream job and make considerably more money (than I did as a student) I find that it is just as difficult to find money to invest, but it is worth the sacrifice.

What’s in this website?

  • About pages – I’ve include an “about me” as well as an “about ROAI”.
  • Articles – Short articles I’ve written about how to save, make, and invest your money.
  • Resources – Here I’ll point you to what I think the best resources are.
  • Book Reviews -This is really the meat of the site.  If you want to learn good money management strategies you need to take the time to read a few good books.

My Favorite Personal Finance Websites
The following websites and blogs might be useful to you in learning about managing your money.

  • Get Rich Slowly – Member of money blog network. This is “Personal finance that makes cents.”
  • I’ll Teach you to be Rich – This is a blog on personal finance and personal entrepreneurship.
  • The Digerati Life – Another blog coming out of Silicon Valley, this one is a blog about money, personal finance, geeks and cyberspace.
  • Grad Money Matters – One of only a very few blogs online that discuss finances for college students, in this case graduate students.
  • The Simple Dollar – The Simple Dollar is an exploration of personal finance from the perspective of a late-twentysomething who just realized that he needs to get a grip on his money. I love this site because it has tons of book reviews.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this site please email me.