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Book Review: The Ten Roads to Riches – The Ways the Wealthy Got There (and how you can too!) by Ken Fisher with Lara Hoffmans

Published: 2009, 228 pages, Amazon, audiobook Reviewed: August 2015 Other Reviews: The Aleph Blog, Official Site: Overview: Billionaire Ken Fisher is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of money management firm Fisher Investments.  He writes for Forbes magazine and has now written six books about investing and money management.  In this book he describes ten

Review: Good to Great, Why some companies make the leap… and others don’t by Jim Collins

Published: 2001, 274 pages, 10 CDs (10:02) Reviewed: September 2011 by Tyler Christensen Other Reviews: n/a Official Site: Overview: Good to Great is a business classic, written in 2001, that explains with substantial research the characteristics that move good fortune 500 companies (those beating the market) to great ones (those beating the market by

Review: The Elements of Investing by Burton G. Malkiel & Charles D. Ellis

Overview: The Elements of Investing is a quick read that gives sound financial advice. It is, however, difficult to understand who the intended audience is. Malkiel and Ellis discuss the very basic elements of investing in stocks, but the writing is somewhat jargony and not well suited to novices or young adults. Also, while they write knowledgeably

Review: The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris Published: 2007, 320 pages (or 7 CDs) Reviewed: August 2009 Overview: This books claims to be able to guide through the process of whittling your work week down to 4 hours by becoming more efficient in the office, and creating mobility for yourself. This is accomplished by selling

Review: Automatic Wealth for Grads… and anyone else who is just starting out by Michael Masterson

Overview: This is a great little book on how to be a more productive employee, invest in stocks, real estate, and small businesses, and how to get your dream job. At least 50% of this book is copy and pasted from his earlier book “Automatic Wealth” with additions including a great chapter on job hunting (picking

Review: Automatic Wealth, the 6 steps to financial indepence by Michael Masterson

Overview: This is a book that I re-read every year or two. While I don’t agree with many of his ideas, one of the two BIG IDEAs that he emphasizes over and over is one I do agree with. That is the importance of having multiple streams of income (consequently, the other BIG IDEA is

Review: Rule #1 Investing by Phil Town

Overview: Town writes about how anyone can easily see 15% returns by not diversifying but by picking the right stocks when they are undervalued and then selling when they’re over valued (like Warren Buffet). While this makes a lot of sense in theory I think he gives a very unrealistic outlook on how much work/research