How to invest your money in the stock market, bond market, commodities market, in mutual funds, real estate or business ventures. The basics of banking, retirement accounts, and the financial benefits of living healthy and having children.

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  • Bond Market: A good way to diversify and give stability to your portfolio is by investing in secure bonds. Bonds don’t yield as much interest as stocks, but they are a safe way to invest your money.
  • Commodities Market: When the stock and bond markets are down the commodities market seems to nearly always be up. People need “stuff.” By investing in commodities you balance your portfolio, increasing the chances of making money even when the stock market is down.
  • Mutual Funds: The easiest way to getting a start in your investment portfolio is by going with mutual funds. Index funds will return you what the market is making, usually coming out ahead of most brokers. Mutual funds are a good way to get consistently high returns over the long run.
  • Real Estate: Rich Dad Robert Kyosawki, as well as many other experts, will tell you the best way to riches is through real estate. Real Estate is a great way to bring in passive income (through rent) and will net you a bundle when you decide to sell.
  • Entrepreneurship: If you want serious riches you need to be willing to put forth some serious work and one of the best ways to do it is by starting your own business. Another possibility is by investing in other peoples’ businesses. IPOs, venture capital, and loans to buddies are just a few ways to successfully invest your cash.
  • Children: This may seem like a silly seem to put under investments but it is possibly the most important one. Having someone to share your wealth with will bring more satisfaction and joy than any material objects ever could.