I have long been frustrated by lack of resources targeting college students that address financial literacy and wealth building. I know of no books and there are very few websites or blogs that are targeting this demographic. That is probably because there isn’t much money in it… college students (and other low-income earners) don’t buy a lot of literature that they don’t need because they’re living on such a shoestring budget in the first place. I also suspect that many authors don’t target this audience because they can’t sucker them into referral programs that bring them even more money (i.e. prepaid legal and other insurance, the travel agent thing Shemin talks about, etc.).

I intend to use this website to compile what I know about making money—things that I have learned from dozens of other websites and books. I will add my slant and target this information for people with small incomes (i.e. students, single-income families, etc.).  As a college professor I’m most interested in creating a worthwhile resource for my students, so I write with them in mind.